BOMA 360 and TOBY Awards

Achieve the Recognition Your Building Deserves with Two Options in One Application

BOMA 360 Performance Program

BOMA 360 is a commercial real estate designation developed by the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International that recognizes all-around excellence in building operations and management. The program benchmarks building performance in six key areas: operations and management; security and safety; training and education; energy; environment and sustainability; and tenant relations.

You can now apply for BOMA 360 and The Outstanding Building of the Year Awards (TOBY) in one portal. The streamlined process allows you to obtain a certification and participate in TOBY with one application, so you can celebrate your building's accomplishments faster and easier than ever. And with this new portal comes a new set of criteria to make sure you're putting your building's best foot forward when competing for a BOMA International TOBY Award. Together, the BOMA 360 Performance Program and the TOBY Awards are just what you need to take your building to the next level.

Here's how it works:

Download the guide here for detailed instructions for each step of the BOMA 360 and TOBY application process. 

Click here to view the revised criteria for office buildings and click here to view the newly created criteria for industrial buildings

Applications are reviewed quarterly in January, April, July, and September.

Learn more and apply today at If you have any questions or would like additional information about the BOMA 360 program, contact Tyler Kirshner at

Houston BOMA TOBY Awards Program

Houston’s TOBY Program is now in the works for 2024-2025. Download the Houston BOMA TOBY Guide here to learn more about what you need to do to enter the competition, how to navigate the process from application to International competition, and get advice from past winners and TOBY judges.

Important Dates:

  • Application and Fees Due: July 31, 2024
  • Local Portfolio Submission Due: September 9, 2024
  • Building Tours: TBD (September 2024)
  • BOMA Annual Awards Luncheon: December 6, 2024
  • Regional/International Deadline: Last week of February 2024

Interested TOBY entrants can view criteria, learn more, and complete an application at, and BOMA staff and local TOBY judges will help guide buildings through the competition. A guide to the steps for applying for TOBY competition can be found here.

Local winners will be announced at the 2024 Annual Awards Extravaganza. Winners at the local level will move on to compete in Southwest Region TOBY awards in April of 2025, with those winners advancing to International competition at the BOMA International Conference and Expo in Summer 2025.

For more information, contact Elisa Barnes, Vice President of Operations, at

Links and Resources

BOMA 360



About BOMA 360

What is BOMA 360?

The BOMA 360 Performance Program sets the standard worldwide for operational best practices in the commercial real estate industry. For building owners and managers who want to help their properties stand out from the crowd, there is no clearer mark of excellence than achieving the BOMA 360 designation. Since the program’s inception in 2009, more than 2,900 BOMA 360 designations have been awarded.Earning the prestigious BOMA 360 label demonstrates that a building is outperforming the competition across all areas of operations and management. Designees report the program helped them achieve operational efficiencies as well as higher levels of tenant satisfaction.As the BOMA 360 program continues to expand around the globe, more and more properties are reaping the substantial benefits and significant return on investment that the designation offers, an unmistakable edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Learn more at


About the TOBY Awards


It's a New Day for TOBY in Houston!

Houston BOMA has revised its TOBY program to respond to the challenges of today's property managers. Not only have we made competing less cumbersome, but we are placing increased emphasis on our Houston winners. Here's how it works:

  • Get started by completing an entry form and paying your entry fees
  • Prepare your portfolio and complete a building tour for judging by the TOBY committee
  • Join us at the Annual Awards Extravaganza for the local winners announcement!
  • Local winners will then move on to Regional and International Competition

The TOBY Award

The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) Awards are the most prestigious and comprehensive programs of their kind in the commercial real estate industry. The program recognizes outstanding performance in buildings and rewards excellence in building management. Buildings can enter in a category based on size or other classifications such as Suburban Low and Mid-Rise, Corporate, Medical, Industrial, Retail, Renovated, and Earth.

How TOBY Works

There is a lot that happens before we celebrate all of the hard work that goes into running award-worthy buildings. It all starts with our property management teams and their buildings.

While you are preparing your building to be judged for competition, teams of Houston BOMA volunteer-judges are assembled. Judging teams are made up of 3 or more property managers and service providers. The team is always led by a property manager. Each team-member is screened for potential conflicts of interest before judging categories are assigned. Each team member must judge all buildings within a category for his or her scoring to count.

Each team leader will contact the property manager entrants to schedule a convenient time for a building tour. During the site visit, each member of the team independently rates your building in a variety of building management areas. The members will tally a final total, provide comments, and return their score sheets to the Team Leader. The TOBY Chairperson collects all score sheets, records the scoring and rankings for each building category to determine the winner. The winners are closely-held until the announcement at the Annual Awards Extravaganza.