Membership Information

By holding a membership with Houston Building Owners and Managers Association (Houston BOMA), you agree to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and civility in all interactions. Members are expected to comply with all applicable anti-trust laws, avoiding discussions or activities that could lead to unfair competition or monopolistic practices. Additionally, respect for fellow members and staff is paramount; we commit to fostering an environment of mutual respect, collaboration, and ethical conduct.

Allied & Professional

Allied & Professional membership is open to service provider companies. Each Allied & Professional company will assign a Primary Allied Representative of their choosing. Houston BOMA maintains a ratio of one service provider member for every two property management members to ensure robust networking opportunities, which may result in a waiting list for service providers during high-demand periods. There is no limit on the number of companies within each service category.

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Property Management Company

All Property Management companies that hold Building Memberships with Houston BOMA are required to have Property Management Company Membership. 

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Building Member dues are assessed for each building member by their total square footage. This allows all property personnel within the building (Senior Property Manager, Property Manager, Assistant Property Manager, Asset Manager, Chief Engineer, Assistant Chief Engineer, and Property Administrator) to be included in Houston BOMA and BOMA International membership. Limit of 10 Property Personnel members per Building member.

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Limited to managers of corporate buildings that are owned, managed, and operated by a single entity, facilities managers, and managers of hospital buildings. This membership provides Houston BOMA and BOMA International membership benefits. Facility members may join for $750.

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Limited to managers of Industrial buildings and operations spaces up to 4 million square feet with manufacturing facilities with tenants. Industrial members may join for a fee of $450. 

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Limited to government facility professionals and requires Houston BOMA approval. Government members may join for a fee of $750. 

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Nonprofit Organization

Limited to managers and staff of nonprofit buildings such as churches, religious institutions, city facilities that are owned, managed, and operated by a single nonprofit entity. Nonprofit Organization members may join for a fee of $750. 

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