What Is Buy BOMA?


Houston BOMA is really one large and extended family. We work together, and we play together. We depend on one another to help us be successful in our business. Even though we often compete, we can do it in a civilized and cordial manner. Most important is the fact that we need each other

Houston BOMA's property management members require a wide variety of allied and professional members to provide essential products and services to the commercial real estate industry. The success of any commercial real estate property owes a great deal to the quality and affordability of the services and products that their vendor companies provide. 

Allied and Professional members also play an essential role in our committees, leadership structure, and events, bringing their knowledge and expertise to help guide the future of Houston BOMA.

It makes sense then to sustain and strengthen this relationship for everyone, and that is what Buy BOMA is all about. We encourage our property management members to ensure that the vendors they utilize and support are part of the Houston BOMA Family. 

We are committed to making Buy BOMA an integral and permanent part of this Association's operating philosophy. After all, it's just good business.

Find a Houston BOMA Service Provider


How Can Property Managers Support Buy BOMA?

  • When looking for a professional service company or a quality product provider, consider using companies that are members of Houston BOMA first. You can access our Service Provider Directory here.
  • If you are currently doing business with a company that is not a Houston BOMA member, encourage them to join the organization. 
  • Review Houston BOMA's calendar of exciting events and education and plan to attend one of these events at least quarterly. High property management attendance at events helps our allied and professional members gain value from their membership. It also allows property managers to meet potential vendors in a low-pressure environment. Check out our events calendar here.

Resources for Allied and Professional Members

  • Show your commitment to BOMA members by including our program logo on your website. You can download assets to use here.
  • Encourage property management members to support your business by sharing our promotional video on your social media channels. See the video here.