Student Interns


Houston BOMA has partnered with Dr. Sarel Lavy, professor of Facilities Management at Texas A&M University’s Department of Construction Science, to facilitate internship opportunities between our members and Texas A&M students learning Facility Management. 

Offer Internship Opportunities to Construction Science Students

To offer your internship opportunities to students, your company can sign a Master Internship Agreement with Texas A&M. There is no commitment to hire any students by submitting this form, and there is no fee associated with submitting this form. View the agreement here.

Employ a Student Intern

When a company decides to employ a student for an internship, the student and the company will sign an Individual Internship Agreement. This form is to be signed by the student and his/her supervisor/HR person in the company hiring the student. There is a fee of $500 per student per semester for hiring Texas A&M students as interns, except for those who are officially Texas Government offices, who can waive this fee. 

Both the employer and student intern will be responsible for negotiating and setting the terms of the internship, such as compensation, working hours, etc. 

For more information on providing internship opportunities, you can reach Dr. Sarel Lavy, Professor, Department of Construction Science, at

Become a Business Entity Member of the Construction Industry Advisory Council (CIAC)

Additionally, you can apply to become a Business Entity Member of the Construction Industry Advisory Council (CIAC) to help promote your internship opportunity and support the Construction Science program at Texas A&M University. For $2,500 annually, your company will become a corporate member of the CIAC and have a voice and impact on Texas A&M programs. You’ll also receive access to career fairs, student events, and other resources. View the application here. You can learn more at

Important Documents: 

Master Internship Agreement (between employer and Texas A&M)

Individual Internship Agreement (between employer and student)

CIAC Business Entity Application

CIAC Important Dates