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Houston BOMA Research

Houston BOMA offers comprehensive industry research and office building performance data and publications, products, and services to assist the owners and managers of commercial office space to become more expert, professional and accomplished in creating better tenant environments and more stable investments for world capital.

Economic Impact Study

2012 Economic Impact Study Data


Salary Survey

Each year the Houston BOMA Research Committee commits a considerable amount of time and effort to bring our members the most current salary data in the commercial real estate industry. The survey represents the largest compilation of salary data in the industry with an average of 850 partipants. The data presented in the annual survey compares salary and compensation benefits by builing class and size for property management, building engineering and administrative positions. 

This data is unparalleled and an extremely valuable asset to have when considering who to hire and at what cost. 

Salary Survey Example Data

** You must be a Houston BOMA member and have participated in the most recent survey to receive this compiled data. 


Experience Exchange Report

The EER tracks commercial office building financial performance nationally in the U.S. and Canada as well as in more than 100 cities across North America. The EER contains information on private and public buildings and features analytical studies of special use buildings. The study also includes national cross tabulations, including age/size, age/height, and size/location. 


*If you are trying to achieve the 360 in 2014, it’s recommend to fill out the EER survey to achieve one of the prerequisites. Fill it out today!